ngoor is a social networking service where you can instantly sharing photos, funny videos, and interesting web pages.

ngoor is an interactive site to follow and share things you love on the web. In ngoor you can tagging and sharing your favorite images, videos, and web pages! Discover new friends and follow updates of other ngoorers' activities. Ngoor changes the way people follow updates and share cool stuff online.

Ngoor is designed to allow you to store and share things you love on the web. (Note that you might also mark your collection on ngoor as private.)

- Organize: is the process of saving things you love for future use. You can put a tag on each photo, a funny video or a web page in order to organize your work, travel, plans, weekend, ... . You might be interested in shopping online and see who else is interested in the same product and follow other consumers' interests.

- Sharing: You can share your photos, videos and web pages with other members, so your friends, co-workers, and other people can view and use them as references, for joint collaboration purposes etc.. (Note that you might also mark your collection on ngoor as private.)

Example: You plan your trip by saving all the web pages that you come across on the web about flights, times, accomodation etc. At the same time you can see if someone else is interested in the same trekking/bicycle route, hotel, boat, etc.
Example: You can organize your work activities, follow other people's activities in your community network. Discover which web sites people of your profession/qualification have recently visited.

- Discovering:You can add to your own collection of things, updates of other ngoor members whom you follow. You have access to the collections of other members. Additionally you can see the number of ngoor members who express their interest in a particular photo, video or web page.